Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lake Powell

Here I am at Lake Powell knee-boarding for the first time. It was so much fun. I got up the first time i tried. That day I didn't feel good but I still wanted to try it out. It was so much fun in Lake powell, we jumped off cliffs, fished, tubed, and played with all our cousins and friends. Lake Powell is definitely one of my favorite vacation spots!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Me, Daniel, and Lincoln. What Studs!

Daniels Fight

Here we all are at Daniels first fight! It was so awesome! He knocked his guy out in the first 2 min. His more recent fight he lost but he is coming back for a win in the near future. He's my hero!

Brig's Blog is now in Session

whats up everyone . I'm now an official blogger! After my brother, Clay, created his own blog site, I had to do the same. Please post comments and let me know if you like it! Thanks